Transferable Skills: FAO Concierges

What are transferrable skills and why do they matter? Transferable skills are skills that can be applied across different jobs and industries, usually developed over time from previous roles/volunteer work, education, hobbies and everyday life.

They tend to be softer skills, i.e. personal traits and social skills, and are an important indicator of whether you’ll be a good fit for the hiring team. They’re also helpful when you lack experience in the industry or role you’re looking to transition into. As an example, if you’re looking for work as a Concierge and don’t have Concierge experience, but have customer service skills such as communication, listening, professionalism etc., these should be highlighted on your CV and at interview.


What are examples of transferable skills for Concierges?

Communication -

A Concierge’s typical day includes meeting and greeting residents and visitors, assisting residents, guests, tradespeople, etc. with enquiries, liaising with on-site colleagues and reporting to the Building Manager; all responsibilities which require communication.

Examples of communication skills used in previous customer facing roles could include your experience resolving customer complaints or times you’ve worked within a team to achieve a common goal.


Listening -

We’ve spoken about ‘active’ listening, i.e. listening without interruption, in a previous post and it’s equally relevant here. And, practicing listening and perspective-taking is also closely linked to another transferable skill, empathy.

To reference these skills on your CV/at interview, consider a time you’ve followed instruction in the past such as a shift handover, or when you’ve listened to customer needs to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.


Professionalism -

As Concierge, you’re the ‘face’ of the building and represent the building, its residents and the Managing Agent. Professionalism includes how you dress and present yourself, punctuality, patience, flexibility, dependability and so on.

Whether you highlight your willingness in the past to do longer shifts when a colleague has been unwell or your patience when dealing with a difficult customer; make sure to demonstrate these.


Top Tip

Look to the job specification for the soft skills the employer is looking for, and always include examples (see ‘How to Use the STAR Interview Method’) to demonstrate how you can apply them.  


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