Top 10 Concierge Interview Questions Our Clients Ask

So, you have been invited to interview with our clients. Cue interview preparation! Beneath you can find the most common concierge interview questions that our clients ask and some of the best ways to approach them.

1. What do you know about our company?

Researching the company prior to interview will:

  • Make you consider whether you are in fact a good fit for the company
  • Show your interest in the job and that you’re eager
  • Demonstrate your professionalism

A good place to start is by visiting the company’s website and if they use social media, consider this as well. Reading up on the company’s history, its mission and values and how many buildings the company is responsible for can give you a lot of insight into your potential future workplace.


2. Can you give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond what was expected of you?

You’ll notice that most questions our clients ask are ‘competency based’. These questions ask you to use real life examples to help your prospective employer understand what experience you have of handling different situations, tasks and people.

For this question, make sure to identify what going ‘above and beyond’ means (you don’t want to roll out what is naturally expected of you) and demonstrate the positive results of your actions.

Example answer. “One example of me going above and beyond is when I saw an elderly man struggle to get his groceries into the building. Even though I was on my lunchbreak, I greeted him and asked if I could assist. He was so grateful that he called my manager the next day to compliment my actions.”


3. There is a quiet period on your shift – what do you do?

Your interviewer wants to see that you have a good work ethic and will use your initiative.

Example answer. “Keep active. I’d ensure that the front of house area is clean and tidy, parcels have all been logged, records have been updated and the like.”


4. You notice there is a water leak in the building, what do you do?

This question is asking you to demonstrate your technical knowledge.

Example answer. “Before anything else, I’d shut the mains off immediately. Following this and depending on the building’s protocol, I’d call the Property Manager, a plumber directly or the on-site maintenance person.”


5. Where would you recommend people go for an evening out in the local area?

Knowledge of the local area is important so make sure to familiarise yourself with the region, some of its most interesting attractions and restaurants and bars. And if you don’t have much knowledge of the area, that’s OK. Simply going to the effort of doing your research shows diligence and that you care.


6. While on shift you notice a large stain on your white shirt. What do you do?

Example answer. “Change into the spare white shirt that I carry on me at all times”.


7. A security door has broken on your shift. How do you deal with this?

Example answer. “I’d report it to the Property Management Company immediately and following this I’d try to secure the door.”


8. Share an experience you had dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation?

One of the greatest challenges in any customer service role is dealing with upset or angry customers. At Abbatt Academy we teach our concierges to follow the HEARD technique:






Example answer. “One example is when a resident came to the Concierge Desk visibly upset and raising her voice about a neighbour’s unacceptable noise levels. Following this, I:

  • Gave her time to fully explain her frustrations
  • Apologised
  • Explained that I would speak with the noisy neighbour
  • Made a note of: the complainant’s name, apartment number, contact details and all the details of the problem
  • Addressed the issue with the neighbour and updated the complainant via email
  • And finally, informed my manager”


9. Your shift finished 30 minutes ago, and the relief has not yet turned up.

Example answer. “Remain calm and call the Property Manager.”


10. Do you have any questions for us?

Keep these questions brief and feel free to ask more about the work itself, the company/building culture, training and development and subjects along these lines. This is not the time to ask about holidays and salary.

Example answers. “Can you tell me anymore about the building’s culture?”

An employer will appreciate you wanting to make sure that you’re comfortable with the building’s culture and dynamic.

“What are the next steps in the interview process?”

This question highlights that you are enthusiastic and would like to continue with the process.


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