Tailoring Your CV to the Job

If you’re reading this having sent your CV off to what feels like hundreds of job applications and are thinking it’s time to change your game plan then you could be on to something.

Like most things in life, you should treat applications with a quality over quantity approach and more specifically, you should be tailoring your CV for each application.



Don’t fear, tailoring your CV doesn’t mean starting from scratch but naturally it is a time-consuming process. So, how can you be more efficient?

  • Build a template with an easily changeable structure – you can find a CV template that we recommend for our roles in residential property here
  • Use your CV profile to include as many of the jobs adverts key words as possible
  • Include enough space to bullet point your core skills – as an example, for a concierge role these are likely to include customer service, communication, teamwork, health & safety, etc.
  • Keep an original copy of your CV and make edits from here rather than revised versions


A Must-Do Exercise

Keep in mind why you’re tailoring your CV by putting yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. It’s a recruiter’s job to find the closest match between their clients’ job specifications and candidates’ experience. And with cue from James Reed’s book ‘The 7 Second CV’, something that we think is a great idea, and what James suggests is to make yourself 2 lists. 1 list should include all requirements from the job specification and the other should list your skills and experience. You can then draw lines between your lists where you see matches. Importantly, those skills/experiences that have the most lines going to them are those that you should highlight on your CV.

Of course it’s OK to not have experience of all of the requirements being asked but critically, where you see gaps think about how your transferrable skills can be used to overcome them (e.g. you don’t have concierge experience but you do have customer service experience in high-end retail) and include these skills on your CV.


Recruiters sift through many many CVs every day. Show them that you’ve put in the graft and care enough about the role. And be wise, determine what skills and experience are most important to the recruiter and show them what they’re looking for clearly and succinctly.   


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