Success in the Workplace: 3 Steps to a More Confident You

A by-product of self-confidence is success and who doesn’t want to be successful? Today’s post explores this as we talk you through 3 steps to building your confidence in the workplace.

Step 1: Prepare

To get started, consider where your confidence is at now. Do you push yourself? Do you confront your challenges? Are you inspired to achieve more? Or are your comfort zones holding you back? Consider what changes you want to make and where you want to be. Maybe you’re working on a quiet Concierge Desk now and are keen to progress to a busier site. Whatever your situation, setting a goal is a good place to start the journey.


Step 2: Confront your challenges

Confronting your challenges is two-fold: first, there’s building your knowledge and second, there’s managing your mind.


Building your knowledge

  • Have a thorough knowledge of your role, department and wider company. As one of our residential concierge, for example, you’ll need to know your building and its policies inside and out.

  • Find yourself a mentor such as someone in a senior role (perhaps a head concierge or building manager) whose insight is reliable and voice, objective. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experiences or for help. Do this and it’s likely that not only will you have a mentor but also a supporter.

  • Is there training you can do? All candidates who successfully register with Abbatt for concierge work are eligible for Academy training, for example. See more about this here

  • Step outside your comfort zone. Is there a new challenge that you can volunteer for at work? Perhaps you know the building and your role well enough to volunteer to train new starters, for example?

Managing your mind

Managing your mind is all about adopting a positive attitude. Tell yourself you’re going to fail and you will. Instead, use a map of where you want to be to push yourself and celebrate the successes, however big or small.


Step 3: Commit

Commit to building your confidence. Until you are fully committed, there is always the chance to draw back.



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