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If you’re keen to kick-start your residential concierge career, you’ve come to the right place. Read about how Abbatt Academy, our free concierge training, helped Daniel to secure his first residential front of house role and how the Academy might be of benefit to you.  

About Daniel

Meet Daniel. Daniel came to Abbatt having worked in the same job for more than 15 years when he was unexpectedly made redundant.



Daniel had been a newspaper editor for more than 15 years when he was made redundant. The question was: what was he to do now?

Undeterred and keen to get working as soon as possible, something sprung to mind. Many years prior to Daniel’s editorial work, he’d spent time as a Concierge for Hilton. He’d always liked the customer facing nature of the role and a step back from the high-pressure editorial environment would make for a welcomed change if only as a short-term solution. With this in mind, Daniel’s search commenced and drawn to one of Abbatt’s Concierge adverts, Daniel reached out to us.

From Daniel’s first interview with us, we knew we had to get him on-board. He lights up a room and when he speaks about his work there’s no hiding that he cares. Despite his lack of recent front of house experience, we could see that Daniel had all the fundamental skills that you’d expect a Concierge to have. He’s friendly, charming, a great communicator, has a cool head and bags of personality. He was the perfect candidate for Abbatt Academy.



With no previous experience of residential front of house, Daniel describes “the insight he gained into residential specifics” as being the most helpful about the Academy. He’s also kind enough to praise Katie, our Learning & Development Manager, and her teaching style; saying “Katie changed things up. It wasn’t a case of Katie talking at us all day and it was nice to hear about the other Concierges’ experiences.”

When asked if he would recommend the course, Daniel says “absolutely, it was the stepping stone I needed to secure my first shift. It’s a must for anyone in shoes similar to mine and likewise, it would be a helpful reminder for those with more experience”.

Today, Daniel continues to work at the same site he was given his first shift at (after making a wonderful first impression) and while he came to us looking for work as “an in-between” before finding his next editorial role, life for Daniel as a Concierge suits him well. Happier than ever, Daniel spends his days on a site that he enjoys being at, with residents that he’s built relationships with and with Abbatt by his side.


All candidates who successfully register with Abbatt for concierge work are eligible for Academy training, so if you feel enthused having read Daniel’s story and would like to learn more, it would be Katie’s pleasure to hear from you. You can reach her on and in the meantime, visit


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