Interview Preparation: Assess Your Strengths

Its interview time and you’ve been asked the age-old question, "What are your strengths?" So where do you start?

Our advice? Go back to basics, sit down with a pen and paper and make yourself a list. A list of 3 is sufficient but be imaginative. Consider for a moment, how many times the interviewer would have heard "I’m a hard worker".


You might want to break your skills up into hard versus soft.

Hard skills are generally technical skills and specific to the job/industry. For example, as one of Abbatt’s Security workers, a common requirement is that you hold a SIA license. Whereas soft skills can be considered your social or people skills; they are transferable from one role to another. Communication and customer service are examples of these.   


With some carefully thought out skills jotted down, explore how you have practiced them in a work environment. For example, as a Guest Relations Assistant, you could explain how you have used your communication and customer service skills to resolve a complaint and how you ensured it was dealt with quickly and effectively and escalated appropriately.


And next? Go to the job specification for the role that you are interviewing for and see where your strengths align with what the company are looking for. These are the points that you want to expand on.  


On a final point, don’t be vague (‘maybe’, ‘usually’ and ‘probably’ are all no-nos) and show some confidence.


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