How to: De-Stress at Work

In today’s post, we set out some simple stress-relieving techniques that you can practice at work. Try incorporating these into your everyday routine for maximum effect.

1. Move

We were once hunter-gatherers. Today? According to the 1British Heart Foundation, adults of working age in England average around 9.5 hours of sedentary time per day and with our mind and body so closely connected, this isn’t good news for our stress levels.

Move your legs, have a stretch, and on your lunch make sure to go for a stroll. For our Concierges and Security Persons, this is where your patrols come in handy!

2. Breathe

Breathing is one of the most important things we do and yet most of us don’t give it the attention we should. Awareness of our breath can play a deciding role in how much the body is affected by stress and we can consciously think about it wherever we are.

Here’s an exercise for you. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Take a deep breath in through the nose and count to 4 before you breathe out through your mouth for another count of 4. As you breathe in, your stomach should rise, and as you breathe out, your stomach should flatten. Now, look to your chest. You should see little or no movement. This abdominal breathing is the most effective way of getting enough air into the lungs and something you can practice anytime you feel overwhelmed.  

3. Organise the space around you

If you’ve seen Marie Kondo’s Netflix hit, you’ll know the power decluttering can have on your mind (and if you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been..?)

Organising the space around you reorients the mind and naturally, you feel more in control and put together.  This is most relevant to those of you in a Front of House/Receptionist/Concierge position.

4. Give yourself some credit

Consider how far you have come not how far you still have to go. Remember you are only human and give yourself credit for the “wins” however big or small they are. And when someone else gives you credit, don’t dismiss it. Recognise it.

5. Put things into perspective

Our worries are often smaller than they seem. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, take a minute to put things into perspective. Often, we need someone to talk with to help us do this, and if this is the case, don’t be afraid to reach out. Worrying won’t make your workload any less but it will make meeting your deadlines harder.

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