How to Bounce Back After Interview Rejection

You’ve just put the phone down or perhaps opened that email or better still, you’ve been told then and there post-interview that unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. You’re wished good luck with your job search and off you go on your merry way. Naturally, you feel defeated, but how do you bounce back after rejection?

Don’t take it personally

‘They didn’t like me’ you say, it’s OK, we’ve all thought it. The thing is, rejection isn’t anything personal. Perhaps someone else had more experience than you or perhaps they hired from within the company; there could be any number of reasons for your bad luck. What’s important to remember is you’re one of many who have applied and there’s only room for one.  Sure, someone else was a better fit but equally this means there’s a company out there that is a better fit for you.


Ask what went right

In a more positive frame of mind, the next step is to ask yourself what went right. What good can you take away from the experience? Maybe you have a better idea of what questions will arise next time. Or maybe the recruiter/hiring manager that you had put on a pedestal or thought would resemble Cruela de Vil pre-interview wasn’t so bad after all? More than likely, he or she was just like you or me. The next time you approach an interview, it’s these positives that you want to carry with you. Positive reinforcement is so important for the performance of your future interviews.


Ask what went wrong

There was a reason you were invited to interview. Your CV and possibly a supporting statement caught the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s eye; they saw something in you. So what went wrong? Were you unprepared? Did nerves take over? The ultimate remedy for this is practice. Grab a friend or family member, write down some practice questions and speak your answers out loud. If you haven’t seen our practice questions for Concierge and Cleaner roles, make sure to look at these. And if you think it all went well and can’t pinpoint what did go wrong, ask for feedback. Feedback is always better than assumption.


Move on    

Don’t dwell. Do not let rejection knock your confidence. Treat the experience as a learning curve and motivation to do better next time.


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