The Porter had been employed at Chalfont Court for over 10 years and was very popular with the residents. However, as the porter was providing an old fashioned service and ‘set in his ways’ he wasn’t able to upskill to Building Manager level. A previous attempt to manage change had failed so all parties were cautious about change despite the business need.


Liaising closely with the resident board, the property management company and the Porter, it was found that the Porter preferred a less challenging role with fewer responsibilities and training. In order to create a win-win situation for all parties, Abbatt found the current Porter an alternative and more suited role in a local area to where he lives, and recruited a Building Manager who matched the profile and skill level the site was in need of.


Within a short amount of time, the resident board and property management company could see positive results of hiring a new Building Manager fulfilling their vision for the building. The Porter was also very pleased with his new role and the residents were pleased that the Porter was treated with respect and was secured a job that he prefered.



“This is a great outcome for all and thank you and your colleagues for the work that has got us here”.

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